Why is Having a Website Important for Business Success?

Why is Having a Website Important for Business Success?

If you are a business owner and run a traditional business, the question, “Why is having a website important for business” have always popped into your mind. Customers expect every business to have an online presence in today’s digital space. They will turn off and move to the competitors when they realize your business does not have a website or email address. But have you wondered why is it so? It is simply because customers don’t find a valuable midpoint that can provide answers to their questions, thereby creating distrust. 

According to Saleslion, around 81 percent of consumers research their products online before making a purchase decision, and 47 percent search for the business website. This data clearly shows the importance of website to an organization. With an interactive and highly-converting website, you can leave a positive impression about your business in the minds of the consumers. It even makes them satisfied with using your products and services.

Although we all know that having an online presence is crucial for the growth of a business, around 29 percent of businesses do not have a website, and 40 percent do not even want a website. They still have a firm hold on traditional methods, not realizing their importance. However, this blog post postulates the importance of website in business, and we bet you will agree with it!

Why is Having a Website Important for Business: 9 Crucial Benefits

1. Shows professionalism and boosts credibility

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A website is the first impression of your business or brand to the customers. Even if you have a traditional business, there is a high possibility that customers look for your business online before moving to your offline store. Hence, it makes it essential for a business to have a professional website. 

On a professional business website, you can show all the features of your business in one place, including your products or services, testimonials, contact details, and much more, so the customers can learn about your business easily. A business email address on the website also adds to the professionalism of a business. Communicating quality information to your business through a business website can boost the credibility of your organization.

2. Builds brand faster and attracts organic traffic

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Another reason to why is having a website important for business is that it helps to grow your brand faster and attract the attention of organic traffic. 

You may be satisfied with the current size of your business, but there are several organizations that experience customer turnover. Portraying what your business is, what you represent, and what you stand for through a website can open doors to new customers. Creating a website for your business allows you to establish your role in the industry, thereby taking a step ahead of your competitors. 

An SEO-optimized website increases your chances of showing up high in search engine results, which allows you to attract organic traffic and increase your customer base.

3. Generate leads and increase sales

A business funnel that showcases leads getting converted into sales with the help of a business website.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing importance of a website to an organization is getting leads for their products and services around the clock. With a business website, you do not have to “close down for the day” and fill a pipeline of orders even before you have gotten out of your bed. Similarly, a website that supports eCommerce transactions means you can generate sales even if you are asleep.

Once people know that you are online and want to know more about your products and services, they know how to contact you. (Thanks to the information on your business website!). This way, you can potentially increase sales and generate a positive ROI for your business.

4. Save commission from other platforms

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If you have expanded your business to the digital space, you will no longer have to operate your business using a third-party platform like Amazon. Your website will eventually help you get sales, thereby saving the commission and fees that you would otherwise pay to the third-party platforms to bring customers to you. 

For small companies and startups, lower margins (i.e., savings on commissions) is crucial to the growth of the business. Moreover, it can add a whopping amount of capital over time, which could be further used to fuel the growth of the company. On the other hand, a website will authorize you to keep the entire profit of the sales.

To be fair, creating a website, along with an eCommerce functionality, can have an upfront cost and require you to create and manage a supply chain. However, it will reap great results in the long run.

5. Provides never-ending customer support

A customer service professional performing her duties.

The importance of website to a business also includes never-ending customer support. Businesses get a lot of calls from their prospects and customers about their location and hours of operation. If you fail to pick up the call or solve any of their queries, the customer becomes unhappy. These calls can also shift the focus of the staff from the significant aspects of the business to trivial matters. In that case, a website can decrease the number of calls and increase internal productivity in an organization. It creates a wonderful all-around user experience by helping customers find necessary information without the need to call.

Through a website, you can effortlessly post updates and announcements to your customers so they can remain up-to-date about your business at all times. Chatbots and FAQs are the best parts of a website that manages customer support.


FAQs are an affordable form of customer service that instills trust in the minds of the customers and removes obstacles to conversions. When you provide comprehensive answers to common questions of the customer through FAQs on the website, you create leadership and authority within your industry by improving the overall user experience of the customers.


Chatbot in a website is a valuable tool for customer communication and engagement. These tools are programmed to think and respond to queries like humans. According to IBM, chatbots can handle about 80 percent of the standard question. With a website chatbot, customers can easily find a solution to their problem, get their issues resolved without any human intervention, and increases the accessibility of all the information of a business.

6. Helps to measure return on investment (ROI)

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Among the other importance of a website to an organization, a website offers a quantifiable return on investment (ROI) through analytical tools. Through digital analytics on a website, you can track exactly where and how your business is doing. In other words, a website allows you to run a business in a leaner and bootstrapped way. You can get immediate feedback about your campaign, so you can optimize or alter the marketing efforts.

Therefore, a website attributes sales to specific marketing activities so you can quantify your return on investment (ROI) and justify your spending on each channel.

7. Easier to upsell products

A man calling the clients to upsell their services and generate sales.

If you find it difficult to upsell your products to existing customers, you should embrace the importance of website to a business. A website provides an opportunity to remarket your products to the database of website visitors and customers. 

According to the research conducted by Altfeld, the probability of selling a product to an existing customer is around 60 to 70 percent. So, if you want to upsell your products, a website is a favorable option to improve your sales numbers and boost revenue in both the short and long terms.

8. Helps create demand and opportunities abroad

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With the help of a website, businesses can easily bring potential customers into the purchase funnel and create demand for their products. You can implement SEO strategies and show an advertisement to people who are interested in your products through a website, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Thus, a website helps you to be present exactly where the demand is and allows you to generate opportunities, even beyond the borders of a country.

9. Assists in calculating competitor intelligence

Two people playing chess to describe competitor intelligence.

In a traditional business, it is difficult to find the internal analytics of a competitor. However, in the digital space, you can easily calculate competitor intelligence with the help of a website. You can compare what your competitors are doing and understand what unique selling propositions (USPs) work well for your industry. This way, you can optimize your marketing efforts or create a new strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.

What Value Does a Website Bring to a Company?

A website brings the value of a 24×7 digital salesman who is always on the clock, working tirelessly to promote your business and bring in new customers to your door. With a business website, the company can reach more people and give them a taste of what your business has to offer.  

Let’s take the examples of two companies that prove, “why is having a website important for business”. 

  1. Amazon has seen significant growth in both sales and brand recognition through its well-designed website.
  2. HubSpot has used its website to attract a large number of leads and increase its brand awareness. 

These companies serve as a testament to the importance of having a professional and well-designed website for business success. 


Hopefully, after reading the entire blog post, you might have understood why is having a website important for business. Furthermore, if you want to continue thriving in the long run, it is impossible without a business website. Your customers are online, and your competitors are online too. If you do not intervene now in the digital space, you will lose the connection with your customers and stay behind.

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