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Silhouettes by Snea is a luxury fashion brand owned by the talented fashion designer in India, Snea Sandhu. They specialize in intricate designing and custom-fit clothing. The designer adds a silhouette edge to the selective style for its customers and creates the finest experience in fashion. From simple to sophisticated and elegant to luxury, Silhouettes by Snea never fails to disappoint its customers with its unique style.

Before partnering with Incrediwire, Silhouettes by Snea is looking for traditional methods to promote the local exhibition. After realizing that marketing the event online would be more cost-effective and help them reach a broad audience, they decided to promote their event online.

How We Solved This Project

With the help of Incrediwire, Silhouettes by Snea increased its revenue by up to 35 percent. By optimizing and successfully running an ad campaign on Instagram and Facebook, Silhouettes by Snea managed to reach over 74000 audiences with a video post impression of more than 150000. You will also be astonished to know that the ad led to about 457 link clicks.



Silhouettes by Snea discussed all the details of their business, goals, and target to Incrediwire.

Content Creation

Incrediwire created a Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign for Silhouettes by Snea, targeting the local audience who are interested in designer clothing.

Result Measurement

After successfully running the ad campaign for 10 days, Silhouettes by Snea managed to generate over 150K+ impressions and more than INR 2 lakhs in revenue.

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