Catalyst Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


Catalyst Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


Custom WordPress Website Design


Catalyst Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturing company in India that specializes in creating sheet metal components with precision and accuracy.


  • Increase the online presence of the company through an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website.
  • Highlight the proficiency of the company in manufacturing high-quality sheet metal components and its commitment to precision and accuracy.
  • Include the opt-in forms at the required places for contact and hiring purposes.
  • Build upon existing SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic.
  • Craft a fully responsive website backed by WordPress CMS for easy management.

PHASE I: Wireframing

Understanding the need for a clear information architecture and intuitive navigation, Incrediwire decided to create a wireframe and silo structure to lay a strong foundation for the website of Catalyst Manufacturing. Our approach began with an extensive discovery phase when we analysed the diverse product offerings of the company and engaged closely with key stakeholders. The wireframing process prioritized user experience, thereby conceptualizing layouts that emphasized intuitive navigation.

Simultaneously, we worked on the silo structure of the website to organize the diverse content logically. Products, Quality, and Machinery served as the base for these silos, which ensured that the information was systematically categorised. This strategic structuring not only facilitated a clear hierarchy but also provided visitors with a seamless pathway to explore the offerings of Catalyst Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

PHASE II: Designing & Content Development

Incrediwire focused on translating the wireframes and silo structure into a visually compelling website design. Our team then meticulously evaluated and selected a responsive WordPress theme that aligned with the brand identity of the company and provided optimal viewing across various devices.

After completing the entire design work, we developed strategic content for the website with engaging copy and visuals. It was done to create a compelling narrative that resonates with the target audience.

PHASE III: Bringing It Together

To optimise user experience, we implemented functional enhancements, including intuitive navigation features, contact forms, and clear calls-to-action. These elements were strategically placed to guide visitors through the website, thereby promoting engagement and facilitating easy access to information.

A thorough testing was conducted to guarantee a flawless user experience across various devices and browsers. This phase included rigorous checks on responsiveness, functionality, and overall performance to address any potential issues before the launch of the website.

After checking all the boxes, we finally launched a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively communicated the strengths of the company. We also provided training sessions to ensure they could efficiently manage and update the website using the WordPress CMS.


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